Electromagnetic Flowmeter Signal Converter



Electromagnetic Flowmeter Signal Converter

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Electromagnetic Flowmeter Signal Converter
Measuring Principle: Faraday's law of induction
Functions: Instantaneous flow rate, flow velocity, mass flow (when the density is constant)
Modular Structure: Measuring system is composed of a measuring sensor and a signal converter
Serial Communication: RS485
Output: Current (4- 20 mA), pulse frequency, mode sweitch value
Function: Empty pipe identification, electrode pollution
Display User Interface
Graphic Display: Monochrome liquid crystal display, white backlight;
Size: 128 x 64 pixels
Display Function: 2 measurements picture (measurements, status, etc.)
Languange: English
Unit: Can choose units through configuration, see ''6.4 configuration details'' ''1-1 flow rate unit''
Operation Buttons: Four infrared touch key/mechanical



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