Ensuring Safety: Noise Risk Assessment (NRA) at Construction Site

Ensuring Safety: Noise Risk Assessment (NRA) at Construction Site

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We are excited to share the recent accomplishment of a vital step in our commitment to safety and well-being. Last month, our dedicated team of certified assessors conducted a comprehensive Noise Risk Assessment (NRA) at a construction site, marking a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to ensure a secure environment for our workforce and the local community.

The assessment was focusing on both area assessment and individual assessment. This dual approach allowed us to gain a comprehensive understanding of noise levels across various work units. Specific strategies advice will be provided by our expert assessors in terms of PPE to minimize workers' exposure to noise.

We prioritize safety and community well-being above all else. This recent NRA exemplifies our dedication to upholding these values in every aspect of our operations. By implementing measures based on the assessment's findings, we are taking strides towards creating a quieter and safer environment for all stakeholders involved.

For further inquiries or more detailed information about our NRA procedures and outcomes, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated team at:

Call/ Whatsapp: 012-711 8819 (Ms Chu) / 018-236 7662 (Ms Izah)
Email: info@eccsb.com.my
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15 Aug 2023