YSI ProSolo-Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter



YSI ProSolo-Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter

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YSI ProSolo-Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter
YSI optical DO sensors are non-consumptive, meaning oxygen is not consumed during the measurement. 
There is no flow dependence or stirring required with ODO, allowing for the most accurate readings in the field.
Dissolved oxygen measurement technology has advanced from electrochemical sensors, such as polarographic and galvanic, to luminescent-based, optical sensors. 

Advantages Over Electrochemical Sensors
  • Higher accuracy with no stir dependence
  • Less drift over time; holds calibration longer
  • Less maintenance; no membranes or electrolyte

ProDIGITAL Smart Sensors
  • In addition to utilizing the most advanced DO sensing technology, ProSolo incorporates smart sensor technology that enables sensors to be automatically recognized by the handheld. Additionally, DIGITAL sensors store calibration data, so probe assemblies can be swapped between handhelds without the need for re-calibration.

EPA Approved Methodology
  • The optical BOD (OBOD) sensor utilizes EPA approved methodology for wastewater compliance reporting of BOD and CBOD, while ODO/T probe assemblies utilize EPA approved methodology for compliance reporting of DO.

Provides Years of Sampling for All Field Conditions
  • The ProSolo handheld meets the demands of true field work with a rugged, waterproof case (IP-67 rated) and a military-spec (MS) cable connector. Rigorously drop tested from all angles, the handheld features a 3-year warranty, while a 2-year warranty is included with the probe assembly and ODO Cap.

Advanced Data Management
  • ProSolo includes KorDSS Software, a powerful data management program for easy 2-way communication between the meter and a PC. A unique data backup feature allows for the export of data to a USB flash drive (included) in csv format without having to connect to a computer.


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